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Chatbots are lightweight apps delivered through messaging services and over web site for lead generation and customer support using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). It epitomizes a new trend in customer interaction mainly how people access information, make decisions & communicate. It can initiate communication with all clients and customers regularly. Today organizations are more comfortable with the idea of integrating chatbot and intelligent assistant into their process, and confident that it will lead to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. About 80% of businesses are planning to incorporate chatbots by the end of 2020.

bibee the Chatbot

for Lead generation & Customer Support

bibee - the Business Bot by Yospace, is now the center of business messaging. bibee is a single light weight, multilingual, cloud based conversational, white labeled, chatbot solution providing multiple services, which gives the user the ease of maintaining a single interface, rather than having a crowd of different apps. She is a smart conversational agent of software application that automate various aspects of customer support. She is the future of customer experience & has the power to replace search windows & apps and can oversee Customer Support, Lead Management, Customer Satisfaction Survey and so on. The greatest advantage over other chatbot applications is, there is nothing to install, nothing to download, no need to sign in, not necessary to update & bibee doesnot take up any storage space.


easy to use

Customer-Centric, User-Friendly & Straight Forward. Just a few clicks, set up your own chatbot & start converting more traffic into sales. bibee can transfer seemlessly to a human agent with quick reply options & buttons with automated steps. Embed bibee in your website


awesome design

bibee is designed in such a way that any business can create their own bot. To make bots smarter, they need an engaging platform, script with text & visuals. Determine your bot's purpose & design its language with your corporate identity.


easy to customize

Customize bibee your chatbot in minutes without codes and start acquiring leads for your business. Chatbots for Lead Generation, Customer Support, Customer Feedback Survey, Interactive landing pages, Events, Inquiries, Appointments, Feedbacks & Suggestions.

create your Own Chatbot

It's easy to create a custom bot for your brand. In-depth customization which let you market your own brand and not the tool, also provides pinpoint essential reporting facility.



Two-step registration with secure email OTP verification. The registered user can log in & avail all the options of chatbot including branding and changing the look and feel to match their own brand. The information is safe and secure under this gateway. The attractive dashboard gives the overall idea about active bots, total sessions, live sessions, consolidated hits, country-wise information, etc.


Create Bot

Create bot from scratch or use inbuilt templates. In-depth customization of interface with the built-in color spectrum, logo and background image, three auto alternating start or greeting messages, four pre-configured themes for quick access and custom redirection, i.e. redirect bot to a specified link after finishing the conversation. Infact you can create and launch a customer survey in minutes!.


Develop Tree

Customize bibee the way you want. Option to select the image, questions like drop-down, rating or star rating, emoji (sad, neutral, happy), range (min-max) etc. Custom reply for each individual answer to provide a more specific user experience. Drag & drop for copy and move of tree node or including all children under it.


Load Bot

A direct URL provides the preview mode of the original bot you created and helps to test user-friendliness and usage before integration. Individual managing buttons like add, view, edit, load or delete are available for quick access.


Bot Integration

The bot URL is encrypted with a security key for individual users. This ensures the authentication and security of the client. Backend access is restricted to approved users only.



Our MIS module provides statistical data for all or individual bots created under the same account with multiple filters. Consolidation by individual question answers, accessing device and platform are available and can be downloaded as PDF.

Chatbot Features

bibee is a modern automated chatbot solution for product presentaion and interactions with the users. As a conversational platform, she will have the interface and communication method of chatting, apart from additional features.




Image Selection


Dropdown Selection


Mobile Number Input




Date Time & Year


Multiple choice questions


Slider (min-max)


Text Selection


Emoji (Sad, Neutral, Happy)


Email Input Validator


Video Play


Star Rating


Custom Redirection

  • Multiple Choice question format
  • Star rating module
  • slider rating module
  • Customer happiness survey
  • Video playing modules
  • selfi upload modules
  • Mobile Number Input
  • email input module for leads
  • why bibee my Chatbot?

    In today’s world, it's crucial for businesses to catch up with unique trends & advancements in technology. bibee helps to attract & connect more customers to a brand and business without compromising on their identity.

    Available 24/7

    Running on cloud server platform guarantees that bibee shall perform 24/7 to ensure your ease. The customer has the liberty to get answers to their queries on a real-time basis, at any time from any part of the world. She is programmed to give automated answers to

    repetitive questions. This improves customer satisfaction & helps you rank high in your sector.

    Customer Support

    By analyzing the flow of communication, bibee can deliver targeted content to your customers. She represents customer support in businesses. She has no linguistic or geographical barriers, and so can support multiple customers at a time. Hence she is extremely

    cost effective to handle tedious & repetitive tasks.


    bibee can be integrated even at a low resolution which makes its use across all devices and websites convenient. bibee can be integrated and displayed on all mobile interfaces - regardless of which operating system the device uses.

    bibee can also easily integrate with any websites regardless of the technology used to create the website.


    bibee can process a large volume of requests & can handle multiple individual queries simultaneously. She can be programmed with different processes and procedures so that she can handle multiple services at a time.


    An accent can be a way to win favors from a wider and diverse audience, making the bibee user-friendly, without having to go through native customer support specialists. With a multilingual bibee, we can provide better care to a more diverse

    consumer base. She is capable of interacting with the world in different ways.

    Lead Generation

    Initial filtering of leads can be handled by bibee by collecting basic information which include company credentials and contact details. She can generate leads by upselling and cross-promoting other services when the customers are on chat with her.

    Simple Interactions

    bibee greets your customers individually since she is capable of remembering everyone's name. She can be programmed to be simple, funny, and yet polite while interacting with your customers - increasing the number of loyal

    customers to the brand.

    Have Fun

    Have fun creating your own bibee! Finalize your colors, fonts and layouts in our easy to use bibee dashboard and make sure it matches your logo and company. You can even have fun customising her to

    engage in witty banter and respond using memes, fun games and gifs, further tightening your customers' enjoyment in engaging with her.

    Customer Satisfaction Survey

    bibee is capable of conducting surveys with normal questions, star ratings, emojis, sliders, etc. Rating can be up to 5-stars with different responses in each case. She can even use Emoji's-the most standard

    customer satisfaction metric to ask your customers to rate their satisfaction with your business, product, or service. bibee offers the sad, neutral & happy emojis, using which users can rate their experiences. The slider component can be used to rate from a minimum to maximum according to the user's perception on your service and products.


    Industries where Chatbots Thrives




    Health care








    Events & Entertainment


    Travel & Tourism











    Bibee Chatbot Screens

    “90% of our time on mobile is spent social media and messaging platforms - what does that say? Your brand needs to be where people are hanging out, bibee helps you in converting visitors to potential leads for your business."


    our Business Models

    We have the best and cost effective business plan in the market. Value for money guaranteed!

    DIY (do it yourself)


    • Register yourself
    • Login
    • Create your survey
    • Send to your customers
    • Measure your results
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    SME Model

    Contact us
    for custom price

    • Request your BOT
    • We create customized bot as per requirement
    • We manage your account
    • We Provide leads & analytics
    • You can Monitor the performance
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    Integrated Model

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    • Request your BOT
    • Requirement Analysis
    • Integration evaluation
    • Development & Integration
    • Rollout & Handing Over
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    frequently asked

    "Contextual communication is what will make chatbots the revolutionary technology everyone is promising.”

    bibee is an AI-based Virtual Assistant, Multilingual and easy to use. She can be customized to use in almost all platforms like Education, Health Care, Market Research, Industry-specific, Events, Automotive, Travel & Tourism . The greatest advantage over other applications is that there is nothing to install, nothing to download, no need to sign in, not necessary to update & she does not take up any storage space. The attractive dashboard gives the overall idea about active bots, total sessions, live sessions, consolidated hits, country-wise information, etc.

    Since bibee can be customized as per your requirements, and she is a multilingual bot, she easily adapts to your culture & language. So you can interact with bibee in your native language.

    bibee is a multi-talented conversational platform. She can carry out Customer Support, Customer Satisfaction Survey, Lead Generation, Live Chat Support, Interactive landing pages, Surveys, Inquiries, Appointments, Feedbacks & Suggestions, etc. She can explain your product or service, navigate your customers through your product features, play video presentations, send product brochures and white papers over email, greet your customers and so on.

    There are many characteristics of bibee to list out that can improve customer experience. Here are the stand out ones.

    (a) bibee can anticipate customer needs & respond quickly.

    (b) She can guide & provide tips during customer interaction.

    (c) She can cater to all-time zones with 24/7 customer service support.

    (d) She can eliminate waiting period

    (e) She can initiate a conversation to promote an offer or update your customers about your latest product.

    Of course, bibee can be integrated even at a low resolution of 1024 x 768 which makes its use across all devices and websites convenient. bibee can be integrated and displayed on all mobile interfaces - regardless of which operating system the device uses. As simple as copying the embed code whihc is generated automaticaly.

    YES! You can import an existing FAQ into bibee.

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